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It turns out that to develop a ‘cumulative culture’ – technology that constantly ratchets up in complexity and diversity – a species needs to be able to share information very accurately. It doesn’t matter how much novel invention takes place, unless those inventions are replicated accurately then they die out before they can be built upon.” —Prof. Kevin Laland, University of St. Andrew’s
(borrowed with thanks from Harold Jarche)

I have to add the zeroth rule in problem solving to my 20 Rules of Real Life Problem Solving:
0) accept the problem as real and make it YOUR problem


I have received zero feedback to my writing of yesterday- my peculiar vision of the troubles of Cold Fusion and it would be childish naivety to ask why. I have already presented too many times in vain the same ideas; the cradle CF system is intangible
plus the essential message could be understood as a nasty, unjust question:  "Colleagues should we accept we were barking at the bad tree ( a small bush actually for 28+ long years? An attack against the popular cradle system coming from a talkative- non contributor who in his sunset year(s) is on the wrong side in the fiercest dispute hitting our field.

However because I really care for the future of LENR , I am asking now:


As Ed Storms has described it , Cold fusion LENR takes place only in special places
in matter (in palladium, first of all) and the generation of theas places- N.A.E or active sites is a difficult not well controllable ('intensifiable') process. 
That is Ed says that cold fusion works with PREFORMED NAE.  Regarding the role of the temperature, here is his recent comment cited with permission:

Yes, I saw Kirkinskii's ideas. He is right. Because the LENR effect is controlled bytemperature, use of high temperature will result in increased energy once the NAE has formed. Unfortunately, simply heating a material does not create the NAE.   People following Rossi have made the mistake of thinking that high temperature alone produces LENR.  Also, people evaluating PdD have made the mistake of failing to consider the effect of temperature.
Rossi activates the Ni before it is heated. He has not revealed how this is done. People using Pd in an electrolytic cell are limited to too low a temperature for production of significant power.  Until these limitations are taken into account, comparing the amount of power that can be produced by Pd and Ni is not possible. 

Now, what Rossi does is unknown however denying that he intensified excess heat from Watts to Kilowatts a difficult job...anyway.
I think the pre-formed active sites method with Pd or Ni or whatever cannot make cold fusion a practical technology and that the the role of high working temperature is to generate constantly heat generating sites. I believe in in-situ formed active sites, in what i called LENR+ in March 2012.
The future will show who and what is true. Till then I firmly believe that increasing of temperature  say about 700C triggers qualitative changes, triggers new mechanism- makes them possible.
(to be continued, apparently my site was today under some attack)

I just realized that given the  the abused parallel between Cold Fusion and the history of aviation, saying that the Doral test 1 year long has not worked,  is the equivalent of saying flight of the heavier-than-air machines is not possible - after the Lindbergh flight.


1) Russian Coordination Council for the problem:" Cold Nuclear Transmutations"
Координационный Совет по проблеме «Холодная Трансмутация Ядер»

(25 members see the list directly here in English too)
An example for all countries interested in progress of LENR, I think.


 3) Low-energy nuclear reaction
The Center for Nuclear Study, University of Tokio
Nuclear structure of neutron-rich nuclei which will be produced by RIPS or BigRIPS at RIBF are to be studied by employing the low-energy nuclear reactions such as proton resonance elastic scattering. In particular, the nuclei around 32Mg where the nuclear structure suddenly changes are being studied. This experiment can be related to an unknown nuclear force which breaks the isospin symmetry.

In parallel with the studies, we are developing devices to produce a high spin isomer target of 178m2Hf, which will be synthesized, and then purified by using the laser resonant ionization. When it is succeeded, long-standing dream of nuclear physics, production of hyper deformation, torus shape of nucleus, would come true.

4) New THREAD at LENR Forum by Louu Pagnucco

New USPTO LENR Patent - Related to Cravens demos

United States Patent 9,631,866 - April 25, 2017
Heat engine
A heat engine that utilizes a controllable heat source that includes a body comprising a dopant that has an affinity for a fuel species, preferably a hydrogen isotope. The production of heat by the heat source can be modulated by the application of electric and/or magnetic fields to the body. The hear engine includes safety features that prevent excessive heat generation.

 5) signalled at lenr.seplm.ru paper by Hideo Kozima
From the History of Cold Fusion Research, 8, pp. 1 – 23 (June 2015) 
The Nuclear Transmutations (NTs) in Carbon-Hydrogen Systems (Hydrogen Graphite, XLPE and Microbial Cultures)* 
Hideo Kozima Cold Fusion Research Laboratory 597-16 Yatsu, Aoi, Shizuoka, 421-1202, Japan *
This paper was originally published in the CFRL News (Cold Fusion Research Laboratory News) No. 94 (2015.06.10). The nuclear transmutation (NT) in the cold fusion phenomenon (CFP) is an astonishing event not expected from the perspectives the pioneering researchers had in their motivation to perform experiments in this field. The researchers, however, seemed to realize the complex nature of the CFP at the first stage of their research not reconciling into the framework they had in their mind as expressed by Fleischmann et al. in their paper published in 1989; “The most surprising feature of our results however, is that reactions (v) and (vi) are only a small part of the overall reaction scheme and that the bulk of the energy release is due to an hitherto unknown nuclear process or processes (presumably "FORBIDDEN Scienceagain due to deuterons).”[Fleischmann 1989]

6) Evgenii Gigauri: " FORBIDDEN SCIENCE- Bio-transmutation- a discovery that facilitates for us a New Future"

7)  ECAT Low Energy Nuclear Reactors (LENR); Is Cold Fusion Or Cold Fission The Next New Free Energy Source? What Is Fusion? The Sun's Fusion Zero Energy Process Explained By Arto Lauri


8) Cold nuclear fusion development
E.N. Tsyganov 
Cold Fusion Power, International, United States
Received 9 November 2016, Revised 30 March 2017, Accepted 30 March 2017, Available online 19 April 2017
Chemical energy sources (oil and gas) will run out in the next 30–50 years. In addition to the depletion of these sources, there is a so-called greenhouse effect, which imposes severe restrictions on the use of chemical fuel. Nuclear reactors use uranium and hope to use thorium reserves of fissile materials that will last for no more than 100–200 years. In addition to poor safety record of nuclear reactors, the problem of burying radioactive nuclear reactor waste for a period of thousands years has not have a reliable solution.

During the last 25–30 years, so called cold nuclear fusion processes in conductive crystals have been developed. This paper discusses the main features of such processes.


1) Negative mass’ created at Washington State University



3) the innovation imperative

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Cited from memory:

I do not need results and/or hope to continue fight ((Wilhem of Orange)



Warning note. 

As told, the first 27 years of cold Fusion history gave me the privilege  and treasure of so many good friends, friends up to death, theirs or mine. I regret but the last year, due to my position in the Rossi vs Darden Trial- defending the Rossi technology has furnished the curse of enemies- and mutual, irreversible, violent enmity  also will last  up to death, their or much more probably mine, they are younger than me.

And these individuals of very low morals are- if they speak about me- misinterpreting everything I say. Now, they will probably accuse me, again, of disrespect for the Founders. Unfounded and unjust- Martin and Stanley have my full admiration for their genius- however I will show that a a long self--reinforcing chain of unlucky events and circumstances caused deep troubles to Cold Fusion; and that must be understood realistically for the sake of the future of our field.

The problem of opposition/funding  to cold fusion was discussed yesterday on CMNS but - a coincidence also by Gerard Mc Ek and Andrea Rossi on JONP.
 A very complex and also "wicked" problem, however  in my opinion some vital aspects are ignored and these added make trouble. (You know, problems can be solved, troubles not really- we can complain and eventually get rid of them).

1. Cold Fusion was a "miscovery" that is a discovery made in a bad place, 25 years minimum before its time, by geniuses having an unproper profession for nurturing their brainchild. PdD is a not fully developed form of  LENR- it is static not dynamic.

2. Very soon it became obvious that the trouble goes faar beyond a lack of theory
cold fusion is an unknown group  nuclear phenomena lacking definition and identity.  So for example if Ethan Siegel or Randy Mills rejects Cold fusion, that is not the same Cold Fusion that is embraced by Ed Storms, Peter Hagelstein Yuri Bazhutov
and these three scientists also have differing Images of the field.
Conceptual chaos was inborn for Cold Fusion and I want to see that somebody proves now it is cured. OK, let's admit it is difficult to make sharp distinctions between identity, definition, basic theory; reality transcends these due to the otherness, complexity, diversity, dynamism, deep change of Cold Fusion/LENR
that includes not only nuclear, but pre- and post-nuclear stages- phenomena
and demands a theoryplex, not an unique theoretical construct.  If what i have said in this paragraph is true- it is not contributing to the attractiveness of Cold Fusion.

3. Many collateral idea have popped out fast, however the Founders' electrolytic cell became the dominant, genuine, variant of Cold fusion and despite all the obstacles shown in historical reviews up to the answers given now to Alan Smith the real rejection started gradually only when it was stated and restated the chronic inability to obtain convincingly reproducible and reproducibly convincing results, showing a promise for improvement- quantitative- i.e. scale up and intensification plus qualitative that is controllable & manageable- toward LENR technology. Based on a discussion with Fleischmann I think this was approx. the IMRA France test's finish.
Undeniably hundreds of promising results have been obtained worldwide assuring the survival of LENR, however these were not additive and the promising results matured and got old continuing to be promising results. 

4. When two or more  real choices exist and the bad(worst) one is chosen- this defines an error; I think this is definitely not the case with Cold Fussion for the following strategic steps:

a) Cold Fusion is first of all about thermal effects, and the trend was to prove these by more sensitive calorimetric measurement, the reliability of these is high but still not absolute as series of recent discussions between the best experts have shown it
huge creative energies etc. had been spent for measurement;

b) The axiom:"we have to discover how Cold fusion works, and only knowing this-
by using the Scientific Method may we proceed toward technological development'
is a must and that's perfectly fine, IF the PdD system is NOT a kind of cul-de-sac technically speaking  i.e. it lacks actionable parameter; then the efforts have to be 
redirected to other systems as the dry NiH as a pioneering representative of the "transition metal- light hydrogen systems" Question: where does Cold fusion rea;;ly work;

c) For pure blood physicists it is OK that there are many Cold Fusion experimental systems beyond the cradle system and also tens and tens off extremely smart theories ; what is disturbing is the lack of real connection between existing theories and experiment.

This is the first part of my essay to be continued tomorrow.

Question is it useful for defining "serious LENR research'?

I think it is ana alternative to this situation, but it is in danger to be rejected
ab ovo even in the Cold Fusion group.
I will speak again about the "technology First". Lenr + idea.


Advantages of a Battery-Powered QuarkX

From Rossi's JONP.

April 23, 2017 at 3:37 PM

Dear Andrea,
seems that to activate the E-Cat you need heat, does the QuarkX need heat to be activated?
Best regards, Giuseppe
Andrea Rossi
April 23, 2017 at 3:48 PM

Not exactly. The mechanism is much more complex and is based on electromagnetic fields.
Warm Regards,


1) Revealing the mystery behind the formation of hollowed nanoparticles during metal oxidation
Date:April 22, 2017
Source:Argonne National Laboratory
New knowledge has been gained about the behavior of metal nanoparticles when they undergo oxidation, by integrating X-ray imaging and computer modeling and simulation. This knowledge adds to our understanding of fundamental processes like oxidation and corrosion.

2) The IDEA is great- paper about medicine
Science has outgrown the human mind and its limited capacitieshttps://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?shva=1#inbox

3) Jack Ma Sees Decades of Pain as Internet Upends Old Economy

A Manager’s Mirror, Episode V

Bridge the gap between formal and informal
by Georgina Popescu

In most organisations the formal hierarchies and processes co-exist with an almost parallel universe, conventionally called informal structure.

The most adaptable recognize and strive to understand this reality and its effects on business. Then periodically bridge the gap – either by incorporating clever informal ways of doing things into the formal processes or by adjusting the formal controls in a way to prevent further spread of unhealthy informal practice.

In terms of people, the ‘soft’ skills that enable communication and managerial effectiveness are unevenly distributed among the formal and informal hierarchies.

In my view, a successful manager has a third eye that enables him/her to see through respective universe and thus steer in the right direction for the benefit of the working environment.

I see the measure of success as being able to bring together the best from both sides, by designing a formal frame that fits both theory (technical, legal, moral, regulatory compliance and industry standards) and practice (experience and wisdom from the informal world). At the same time, it means ensuring motivation and empowerment to those informal leaders which can become constructive enablers, while weeding out the unjustified resistance fighters that may compromise beneficial strategic change.

Each organization and manager has to find their own way in bridging this gap, with only one universal solution: common sense!

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Inspired by ALAN SMITH who will speak about "Why Scientists Oppose Cold Fusion"

at a conference at April, 30 invited by Prof. Huw Price
Event already announced by this blog


Edmund Storms' opinion/answer to Alan Smith's presentation to come 

Alan, this is a good question that needs a straight answer. New ideas are always rejected initially. Normally, this rejection is half-hearted and short-lived. In the case of cold fusion, the rejection was clearly orchestrated and has been sustained. 

To understand this strong opposition, we need to consider how the energy resulting from cold fusion would threaten and destabilize the world-wide energy economies.  This economic system is so large and so connected with the economic  life of nations that the threat had to be fought.  In other words, the response is based on self-interest and not on the difficulty in understanding the phenomenon.  The people in charge know full well that given enough resources, science will eventually master LENR. This success would clearly result in economic chaos.  That threat has not changed.  

Evidence for this conclusion can be found when the nations and industries that are now investigating this energy source are examined.  The two countries desperately in need of clean energy, Japan and China, have major programs and the companies developing megacomputer servers are interested. These countries and industries are interested because they have a self-interest that over rides the potential threat.  I predict success by these efforts will force the rest of the countries and companies to develop the energy source as a means of self defense.   In other words, rejection has put off the day of reckoning but it has not eliminated the problem. Therefore, the threat needs to be understood and solved because this energy will eventually be available on a commercial scale.  Unless introduction of this energy into the system is done in an effective way, chaos will surely result.  The energy industry needs to figure out how to prevent this chaos rather than reject the idea because rejection is no longer working. 

Meanwhile, the phenomenon is a challenge to understand in the context of conventional nuclear interaction.  This challenge is attracting young minds who will eventually discover how LENR works.  This process is being accelerated by the increasing amount of information that is easily available on the web. The conventional journals no longer have the power to control information.   In fact, LENR is part of the revolution in understanding that is now underway on the web involving many unconventional ideas.   

So the message is; change is underway, either adapt or die. 

Thanks, dear Ed- the readers had missing you!


LENR is real, pg 113

Nice question; and see the answers:
Why is cold fusion bullshit?

Download Cold Fusion: The Making Of A Scientific Controversy

From Andrea Rossi's JONP

Joya Del Sol
April 22, 2017 at 9:57 PM

Dear Dr. Rossi,

I am returning to your blog after a year and half and am curious to know how far down is the commercialization of your ECAT technology for the average user – what is the schedule? Is it 5 years? Or 10 years down the line? When do you foresee ECAT changing the energy landscape and markets of the world? Is it accurate to surmise that 2023 would be that commercial breakthrough year when electricity prices would become super inexpensive by virtue of your ECAT technology? (have been following the ecat story since the beginning in 2011 when you made a demonstration and have been hopeful ever since of the massive imminent positive impact on the world)

Joya Del Sol,

Andrea Rossi
April 22, 2017 at 11:23 PM

Joya Del Sol:
Welcome back.
I think the timeframe of the massive production of the E-Cats will be shorter.
Warm Regards,
Gerard McEk
April 23, 2017 at 7:12 AM

Dear Andrea,
It is interesting to see that you support science and asked your readers to pay attention, the more because the majority of science seems to ignore and reject LENR. Many of your followers blame these ignoring and rejecting scientists. They should embrace LENR because of the hundreds of peer reviewed reports that show that nuclear reactions are taking place in metal lattices. Clearly the existing theories do not sufficiently support the fact that LENR can take place at low stimulation energies and without the expected radiation, but that should not be a reason to reject LENR. In fact it is unscientific to ignor these hundreds of LENR reports. You studied science philosophy, I believe. Can you tell us what is wrong with science, why science behaves so unscientific from your perspective?
Thank you and kind regards, Gerard
Andrea Rossi
April 23, 2017 at 7:42 AM

Gerard McEk:
It is not true that the scientific community refuses LENR.
See the work of the scientists that performed or directed or organized and found the funds for the the Lugano report: Sven Kullander was the Chairman of the Swedish Royal Academy of Science, to cite one, all of them are Prof of Physics in universities among the most credited in Europe, all of them worked in CERN of Geneva, Prof Focardi and Prof Bo Hoistad did direct important groups inside the CERN. Nobel Prize laureate Brian Josephson is positively oriented toward LENR and I could add hundreds of prestigious names of scientists (mainly physicists and nuclear engineers) that sustain LENR. Nasa has published positive orientation toward LENR.
On the other side of the playground, it is normal that in the scientific fields there are contrasts. Think to the Relativity theory: at its beginning it was considered a veritable clownerie from many top level physicists. I think the work of my Team has given a strong push to the fact that LENR turned considered worth of strong attention, because we have been fires to produce real energy and our E-Cat is not a theoretical issue, but a product, albeit not yes massively diffused, but in the verge to be so. Nissan has replicated the effect described in my patent, I am aware of another replication on course funded by another industrial giant, one of the biggest industrial concerns of the world, Lockheed Martin has started an R&D adjacent to our field, Bill Gates has funded R&D in LENR field, etc. Obviously our products will reduce the scepticism to the edge, as it happened to the Relativity after the use we make of it anytime we make a phone call with out cell.
Warm Regards,


1) Finding order and structure in the atomic chaos where materials meet
Date:April 20, 2017
Source:North Carolina State University
Materials science researchers have developed a model that can account for irregularities in how atoms arrange themselves at the so-called 'grain boundaries' -- the interface where two materials meet. By describing the packing of atoms at these interfaces, the tool can be used to help researchers determine how grain boundaries affect the properties of metal alloys and other materials.
2) Elon Musk wants to enhance us as superhuman cyborgs to deal with superintelligent AI

3) Why We Must Change Our Mental Models from Hierarchies to Networks
by Greg Satell

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other- not Earth...For disasters- best solution is the worst solution.
Unfortunately later you will state that the reverse is also true, catastrophes are self-reinforcing. (Peter Gluck)
 (inspired by some elections-tomorrow, but generally true- in LENR too.)


What Mother Earth really dislikes is hypocrite ecologists.

1) From the Miami Court Pacermonitor re the Rossi vs Darden litigation

Friday, April 21, 2017
269notice Clerk's Notice (Other) Fri 2:48 PM 
CLERK'S NOTICE re 268 PAPERLESS NOTICE of Hearing; hearing on197 MOTION to Exclude The Opinions and Testimony of Dr. K. Wong set in error; the only motions scheduled for this hearing are docket entries262 ,263 , and264 . (ps1)
268notice Notice of Hearing on Motion Fri 11:44 AM 
PAPERLESS NOTICE of Hearing on262 Plaintiff's MOTION in Limine ,264 Defendant's MOTION in Limine ,197 MOTION to Exclude The Opinions and Testimony of Dr. K. Wong ,263 MOTION in Limine: Motion Hearing set for 5/23/2017 10:00 AM in Miami Division before Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga. (ps1)

Поздравляем Юрия Николаевича Бажутова с 70-летием!!!

3) LENR Research around the World

4) UPDATE- the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project on Facebook

5) Gregory Goble's LENR page on Google +

6) Gregory Goble: LENR/Cold Fusion and all that JAZZ - 1MW (heat) per hour


7) Artem Efimov Laboratory for Alternative Technical Developments
Energoniva- works on prototype in metallurgic regime
Энергонива работа прототипа в металлургическом режиме

8) From Andrea Rossi's JONP 

April 22, 2017 at 7:13 AM

Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
The puppets of the so called “ventriloquist of Raleigh” are saying that they received the 50 millions from Woodford because they had in portfolio many intellectual properties, not only yours. But I discovered that this is false! Reading the documents published by the Court, I saw that Woodford invested 50 millions in IH on February 2015 and at that time IH had only your IP in the portfolio! To make more clear the fraud of IH toward you, is the fact that Tom Darden made visits with senior officers of Woodford in your plant, to convince them to pay him the 50 millions and enjoyed the reference of the engineer of JM (Jim Bass) in the same day, during the visit of the same senior officers of Woodford in your plant of Doral.
Isn’t this true?
A friend of yours of the silent majority that sustains your work and is disgusted from the dishonesty of the ventriloquist.

Andrea Rossi
April 22, 2017 at 8:03 AM

No comment.
Warm Regards,
9) Book for download:

The E-Cat: Unlimited LENR Power for the Future - Quick PDF Books ...


1) Quantum mechanics is complex enough, for now...
Date:April 21, 2017
Source:University of Vienna
Summary:Physicists have searched for deviations from standard quantum mechanics, testing whether quantum mechanics requires a more complex set of mathematical rules. To do so a research team designed a new photonic experiment using exotic metamaterials. Their experiment supports standard quantum mechanics and allows the scientists to place bounds on alternative quantum theories. The results could help to guide theoretical work in a search for a more general version of quantum mechanics.


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empathy is medicine, hatred is poison

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Shame on me!                                 Counter-stream swimmers are hunted!


Propeller water metersImage result for j'accuse

Call me Powo; that is actually my family name but APATOR POWOGAZ MWN 130-80 would be much too long. I am a Polish flowmeter  and have many hundreds of thousands brethren working in Poland and increasingly worldwide. Panta rhei- and we are made to measure everything what Flows. My personal specialty is warm water- that is warm and cleanliness and I am very contented with it, never had any ambitions to be used for something more interesting as nitro-glycerine, Wodka Wyborowa, Coca Cola or ketchup... no just plain, warm water. I was born, built and educated in the spirit of quality, precision, accuracy, reliability, constancy, accountability.just as anybody and anything else- good- I wanted an interesting life.
And I had luck- I was exported in the European Union, western part, and I was bought by Fabiusz, a nuclear engineer! Oh, mamma mia I thought (obviously in Polish) I will work for something nuclear as the Great Maria S
klodowska! And the reality was even brighter- I was chosen as the leading measuring instrument for an experimental plant of an inventor, Andzej- in Miami Florida! What a travel, what a place, what a responsibility! I have put my whole heart in a long and tedious calibration I wanted to do it perfectly. Fabiusz has explained me that I have to work incessantly for a whole year so I have to take care of my perfect health:"You are great, so I have chosen you, festina lente, amico! and not a micron of wear or any else trouble!". He put a seal on me and: "Incominciamo" he sung.
I have tried my best and in 252 days I have measured and recorded not less than 
7,910,478, 112 liters of warm water- just the numbers were rounded down as usual
It was a normal test, but a difficult pioneering breakthrough test (I am proud to have participated to it!) with many problems, inventor Andrzej was with us each day- night and have solved the problems. The Rich Man who paid the test has visited us and I heard him saying "Stellar"  OK, the test was finished and then the troubles including mine, have started - so now exactly as the writer Emile Zola when he has seen a case of horrible injustice- I will accuse now the people who made something similar with me.

I accuse the Rich Man that he had a valid contract with Andrzej, has not terminated the contract and has not paid what the contract stipulates- so Andrzej had to sue him.
Then the Rich Man and his friends started to say everywhere that andrzej is worse than the Devil and tried, post factum, to show that the plant has actually not worked at all. And XXXXX (in Polish but censored) here starts my problem- without any real reason I was nominated as the Achilles Heel of the Plant, vulnerable  and weak. 
A so called expert ,Joe had received the task to kill the Test and he remembered of seeing my internal parts with stains of rust ergo I have worked all the time only half full with water cheating the results for a long year! I have to emphasize that he does only said this, surely not believed he cannot be so stupid!, I accuse him saying this for money because he has seen thar I was put in the proper position with an ascendant pipe before me, nothing simpler than that. Joe just hoped to find some anti-technical people naive enough to believe the incredible story- smalll chances, indeed! But he found Sad  an old self-made expert in those nuclear issues; Sad 's great pleasure is to offend people, to belittle and humiliate then - but only if they think differently (Peter says he is the know it all from the first SJ Lec motto.) Does Sad believe the legend of half full pipe? I truly fear that he does, but for sure he has sworn to promote it till his last minute of his life by any means with vigor and insults. (Sad comes actually from sadist)

I accuse Sad of offending me, metrology, technology by saying uch a horrible thing that the expert in flowmeters knows dozens of methods usable to make the instrument to show ten times more flow that the real one. What is the moral basis, the mentality of such a thinking? He lives in a different world and I would abstain saying which is the unique case/purpose for which I would furnish water to him.
I also accuse Sad  for saying that people visiting the plant could state that it is an obvious trouble with me and I am multiplying the flow by 4- later 5. How for God's sake could I do such a thing.
Water flows in a pipe sent by a pump, flows through me and my propellers rotate strictly proporrtional with the flow, and see what said  Sad today:
"People could see the pipe was not full because the reservoir is translucent and open to air."
This is impossible., you cannot see what is in the pipe behind me, and the pipe after me goes a bit up, just to keep me under water.
Now it is already late to retract the gross non-truths told about me. People are swallowing many insults of the bullies; we instrument have more dignity.
I became famous (as Peter wrote yesterday) as the most obscenely insulted measuring instrument in the history of Metrology and I accuse bad (euphemism) people for this.


1) From the Miami Court Pacermonitor re the Rossi vs darden litigation
Thursday, April 20, 2017
266 order Order Thu 5:59 PM 
ORDER following an informal discovery hearing. Signed by Magistrate Judge John J. O'Sullivan on 4/20/2017. (mkr)


2) Rossi: Experimenting with Battery-Powered QuarkX

3) MFMP Publishes Instructions on Processing Nickel Foil to make ‘Free Energy’ Electrodes for ECCO Reactors

4) Hydrogenation and Sonication of Nano Nickel in Heptane

5) Scientist claims dark matter-powered device can create nearly limitless energy

6) Twitter-we_cat_global
Pats! Spoliation denied. We wonder how a jury will react to the hypocrite elite team. Goofy inventors tend to do well with them. #LENR #ECAT


7) The LENR Daily

8) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

Joseph Fine
Dear Andrea Rossi,
I hope you have been recovering well and are back up to full power.
The area of modular metals or laminates may be useful in your work.
One of Modumetal’s alloys contains Nickel and Aluminum, which may or may not be an advantage.
Since you contain materials at high temperatures, this technology may enhance product safety and performance.
Thermal regards,
Joseph Fine

April 21, 2017 at 7:21 AM

Dr Joseph Fine:
Thank you for your kind concern and for the information,
Warm Regards,


1) Our quantum Problem:

New LHC Results Hint At New Physics… But Are We Crying Wolf? (Synopsis)